Lazy Noodle Soup

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One of the quickest, most flavourful & versatile meals I like to make when I don’t have much time or can really jazz up if I do is my lazy noodle soup. 

Tonight’s version is the quickest and only has 5 main ingredients, aside from the spicing & sauces. Chestnut mushroom, spring onion, red pepper and carrot with egg noodles but any vegetable and noodle can be combined to use up veg in the fridge for a yummy quick meal.

To make my simple soup I chopped the veg while heating a little sesame oil in a saucepan and popped the veg in as they were done. Stir fried for a few minutes while boiling the kettle then adding shoya sauce, dried ginger & garlic. Pop a mushroom stock cube in a mug and fill with boiling water, add the stock, a teaspoon of miso paste and the noodles. At this point I would’ve added bok choi, bean sprouts, frozen sweetcorn or edememe beans, frozen guozas, should they have been in the house. Simply simmer for 4 mins or until the noodles are cooked, pop in your favourite bowl and top with sesame seeds, fresh coriander and a bit more shoya sauce & enjoy. 

Here’s a few ideas of how to make your own version…  

Veg: Any mushrooms, peppers, carrots, broccoli, bean sprouts, baby corn, bok choi, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, aubergine, courgette 

Noodles: Egg, udon, soba, buckwheat 

Stock: Mushroom, Sriracha, Umami, Thai green curry & coconut milk, 

Seasonings: Chinese 5 Spice, Lemongrass, Chilli, 

Toppings: Cashew nuts, Shredded chicken or beef, tofu cubes in any fun flavour, cauliflower wings, kimchi, sauerkraut, aubergine in miso, honey butternut squash, grated raw carrot, pickled radishes 

Sauces on the top or the side: sweet chilli, harissa, siriracha.

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