Recycling @Pollinate

We are currently involved in both stretchy plastic and Terracycle recycling and you can drop off and of the following:

Stretchy plastic recycling in conjunction with Capital Valley Plastics and recycling! 

What we accept:
• Any 5p or 10p carrier bags/bags for life
• Bubble wrap (preferably popped - have fun!)
• Bread bags
• Outer packaging of drinks cans or cartons
• Six pack rings
• Any clean, stretchy plastic that contains the correct recycling logos (see pictures)

If unsure pop it in and we can check for you (if not included to be retained by customer). 

If you are a local business and use a lot of plastic pop in for a bag to fill and return.

Terracycle - can you sort into the following:  

1. Any type plastic sweets wrappers & bags 
2 any type Biscuit and cake wrappers
3 bread bags
4. Toothpaste, toothbrushes, packaging, and dental floss
5.Lol packaging and plastic packets
6. Kinder eggs foil toy and any kinder wrappers
7. Marrigolds and packaging
8. Water filters
9 Dishwasher packets and surface wipe packets
10. Any broken hasbro toy, my little pony,play dognerf bullets
11. Face cream tubes, pots, make up face wipe packets. Lip salves
12 Flash wipe packets
13 Blister packets
14Contact lenses and blister pack
15Washing tablet packaging lennor shiny bottles any air freshener or plug in and packaging.
16 Ferrero Roche packaging and foil packets.
17 Any cheese packaging and nets
18 Babybel wax, packets and nets
19 Soap pumps and refill bags.
20 Deodorant sticks lids of shampoo conditioner shower gel squishy tubes if beauty products. Trigger sprays soap pumps refill bags, suncream . Hair die kits
21 Any baylis Harding packaging.
22. Any crisps nuts and popcorn packaging individual and outer.
23. Pens markers highlighter tip ex belts etc.
24. Pringles tubes and lids.
25. Tassimo disks foil outer packets lor capsules coffee lids and eco packets.
26 yogurt pouches
27 baby food pouches and sachets, smothee jelly etc, snacks and any Ella's products