Recycling @Pollinate

We currently accept two types of recycling here at Pollinate. Terracycle and Stretchy Plastic. Here’s more on what we accept and how to sort:


See below for what we accept and separate into the following:

  1. Crisps packets, nuts packets, popcorn packets
  2. Biscuits, sweets wrappers including Ferraro Roche and Kinder
  3. Coffee: Tassimo pods, Taylor’s Coffee packets
  4. Dental and Personal Care including makeup, haircare, deodorant sticks, hair dye kits, shower gel, face wipe packets,
  5. Dishwasher packets, surface wipe packets, pens
  6. Pet food: washed and dried sachets, dried food bags, treat bags

Other (please use bread bags to separate items into categories)

Bread Bags. Marigolds and packaging. Water filters. Any broken Hasbro toys. LOL surprise packaging. Cheese packaging including babybel wax, nets and packets. Pringles tubes and lids. Baby food pouches, snacks packets and Ellas Kitchen. Air fresheners including plugins.


Stretchy plastic recycling in conjunction with Capital Valley Plastics and recycling! 
What we accept:
• Any 5p or 10p carrier bags/bags for life
• Bubble wrap (preferably popped - have fun!)
• Bread bags
• Outer packaging of drinks cans or cartons
• Six pack rings
• Any clean, stretchy plastic that contains the correct recycling logos (see pictures)

If unsure pop it in and we can check for you (if not included to be retained by customer).