Stretchy Plastic / Terracycle Collection

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e are now an official stretchy plastic recycling point in conjunction with Capital Valley Plastics! 

If you are having your shopping delivered then why not let us collect your stretchy plastic at the same time. 

Add this item to your order so we will know to look for your bag when we arrive. 

Pack into plastic bag or bag for life, limit of 2 bags per delivery. 

What we accept:
• Any 5p or 10p carrier bags/bags for life
• Bubble wrap (preferably popped - have fun!)
• Bread bags
• Outer packaging of drinks cans or cartons
• Six pack rings
• Any clean, stretchy plastic that contains the correct recycling logos (see pictures)

If unsure pop it in and we can check for you (if not included to be retained by customer).

Happy recycling ♻️🌍💚🐝