White Vinegar for Cleaning - La droguerie

White Vinegar for Cleaning - La droguerie

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The alcohol vinegar La droguerie écologique® is an aqueous solution containing acetic acid (titration at 8%). Traditionally used for cooking purposes in all world cuisines, it is also a remarkable household product that is famous for being multi-purpose, eco-friendly and inexpensive. This liquid has numbers of properties: food preservative, degreaser, air freshener, limescale remover… It is used for food-related purposes, as cleaning product and even for family hygiene or in cosmetics as well. It acts as weak acid (chemical formula, CH3-COOH): this allows the neutralisation of weak bases and to decompose carbonates more particularly (including limescale deposits in our pipes).

Remember that white vinegar is a multi-purpose product. Find out more

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